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Last week we posted Part A of our blog, the goal of which was to provide recognition and historical documentation to what we identified as significant CRT product innovations and pioneers in the field of Wheelchair Seating and Mobility.

We have already heard from some of you offering additions to our list – thank you! We hope the suggestions keep coming, at Remember that NRRTS DIRECTIONS plans to publish an updated version of this list after we collect and research the feedback from the CRT community.

This week we move on to Part B, which is purely for fun!

Part B is our “Top 10” list of all-time CRT pioneers and their historic inventions. This list is of course subjective, and we hope it stimulates lots of conversation and maybe even a little controversy as you weigh in supporting or challenging our list. Let us know your own list, where you think we missed the mark, or innovations you believe deserve to be recognized in an all-time Top 10 list. You won’t offend us by disagreeing with our list – there are plenty of excellent contenders!

Drumroll please…


Invacare Corporation

The Six-Wheel Indoor/Outdoor mid-wheel-drive (TDX). Circa 2003.


Bruce and Mary Boegel, Prime Engineering

Hydraulic standing frame for safe, independent use in the home. Circa 1984.


Rick Jay, Jay Medical

Wheelchair cushion utilizing the pressure-equalizing benefits of fluid, incorporating a stable foam base (the “Jay Cushion”). Circa 1983.


Don Rugg and Bill Orr

Pressure-relieving recline system on a power wheelchair (The “Rugg Chair”). Circa 1962.


Invacare Corporation

Pioneer of a software-based control system to accommodate proportional and non-proportional driver input and ECU communication functions. Circa 1988.


Larry Mulholland, Mulholland Positioning Systems

Tilt-in-space seating on a manual mobility base. Circa 1974.


Per Udden, Permobil

Standing technology on a power mobility base, and the indoor/outdoor front-wheel-drive performance power wheelchair. Circa 1968.


Gary Sandritter and Goff Harris, Craig Hospital

Zero-shear power recline system which served as the forerunner of commercial power seating manufacturers Falcon Manufacturing, Folio Products and LaBac. Circa 1981.


Robert H. Graebe, ROHO

The original pressure-relieving cushion (the “ROHO Cushion”) which has benefited millions of individuals across the world. Circa 1968.


Jeff Minnebraker, Brad Parks, Eric Walls, Mary Wilson Boegel, Quadra Wheelchairs

Pioneers of the modern ultralight wheelchair that changed the landscape of the CRT industry forever. Circa 1974.

We hope you have enjoyed joining us on this walk down CRT memory lane, and thank you for reading!