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Via Tech Times

A startup company LUCI will soon have its smart wheelchairs available in the last quarter of 2020.

This game-changer is a first of its kind bearing advanced software and hardware to ensure stability and security while providing connectivity through its sensor and cloud-infused technologies. The LUCI hardware is attached to power chairs to avoid falling off curbs or ramps as well as colliding with any obstruction.

The Nashville-based company developed the product in Denver. LUCI leads the industry in applying the smart technology concept into power mobility. “We want to offer suggestions so that our industry can begin a discussion about what smart should mean,” LUCI Co-Founder and CTO Jered Dean wrote in email sent to Tech Times.

Dean also said that they want to encourage a discussion to help mobility professionals to resolve issues and questions about the technology. The company shares its study, entitled “Judging Smart: A Framework for Assessing ‘Smart’ Technology in Power Mobility Today.”

This would make the public and other professionals understand the technologies they employ in their product and to help further revolutionize the mobility industry for those who use power chairs. “With your help, we are confident that our collaborative thoughts and dialogue on these issues will lead to an exceptional future,” Dean noted. He hopes to make more conversations with those interested with their product and want to invest or learn more about their technology.

LUCI technology will soon be available

LUCI is currently being used by numerous riders in various states, but the company is filling up orders for the upcoming release in the fourth quarter. The current technology is being offered for Permobil M3, F3, M5, and Quantum Edge power chairs, but those using different models may sign up on the waiting list to stay updated once the LUCI becomes available for their wheelchair.

Those who are interested in LUCI can pre-order for $8,445 while the company also offers financing through Care Credit. The package includes software, hardware, over-the-air updates as well as installation.

People with private insurance can ask their doctors to write a prescription for LUCI stating its “medical necessity” as insurance companies is currently unaware of LUCIS’s financial and medical benefits. The company is “confident these benefits will be recognized over time” with more doctors prescribing LUCI.

LUCI’s features and benefits

To make power chairs safer, LUCI added these revolutionary features, most of which gives never-before-seen abilities to wheelchairs. Here are some of them:

  • Drop-off Protection:  LUCI assists riders to prevent tipping, which may be caused by even a small drop-off. The technology recognizes drop-offs and steps, and then stops the wheelchair smoothly. However, it also comes with an override button for emergency purposes.
  • Collision Avoidance: LUCI lets power chair riders to navigate without the fear of colliding into things walls, humans, pets, or furniture. Its unique way smoothly increases and decreases the chair speed with user’s steering inputs.
  • Anti-tipping Alert System: LUCI monitors slopes that riders are passing on while providing an audible alert when the chair may be on risk of tipping due to a ramp or ground. Meanwhile, if a chair tips over, LUCI will sound an alarm to call for help while the chair can also be personalized to automatically alert a specific person about the accident and where it occured.
  • Secure Health Monitoring: LUCI helps riders to manage their health by allowing riders to create and share customized seating programs. It also sends encrypted data securely to user’s MyLuci portal.
  • Cloud-based Alerts and Communications: LUCI connects riders with their team. The MyLuci portal can be accessed via Android App, iOS app as well as the website. The portal allows riders to view their data and share it with loved ones, doctors as well as other team members. Moreover, LUCI is equipped with smart technology such as Alexa and Google Assistant to ask about the charging status or battery percentage.