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LUCI™ is about more than just safety. We’re about connecting you to your world and your wellbeing. And we know your wheelchair’s cushion is an important part of your health.

Today, we’re excited to introduce LUCI+Air™, a first-of-its-kind, real-time, smart air cushion pressure monitor. LUCI+Air takes the guesswork and stress out of air cushion inflation. In addition to knowing your cushion is properly inflated, LUCI+Air gives you important information about how much time you spend sitting, and how often you are off-loading from your cushion. We’re giving LUCI users the most accurate monitoring and continuous, effortless tracking ever. The patent-pending LUCI+Air works with your air-filled cushion and the MyLuci™ app to display the data you need to manage your skin, create offloading targets, set reminders and track your progress.

LUCI+Air AppFeatures include:

  • Accurate, personalized “time-in-seat” data
  • Monitoring your inflation level, every minute, even when you need to turn off your chair
  • Create personal goals for how often and long you want to offload, set reminders, and track your progress
  • Hardware auditory and visual alerts with user-controlled secure sharing options
  • Protected against water and dust (meets IP53 standards)
  • Lightweight, compact, and durable
  • Easy, one-button setup
  • Less power usage than even the battery indicator on your wheelchair; no batteries necessary

The MyLUCI app was built to work with health and wellness data, and LUCI+Air was created because we believe seating data should, too.

Phone notifications can be set up to let you know if your cushion pressure changes outside the effective zone you and your clinician have established. And the MyLUCI app gives you the choice to securely share information with specific members of your care team.

LUCI+Air works with almost all air-filled cushions, including single-valve cushions, or multi-valve cushions that can be set with the valve open.

After installing LUCI+Air, users can open the MyLuci app to access an unprecedented level of accurate, continuous data. The MyLuci app also gives the rider the choice to securely share that information with specific members of their care team.

LUCI+Air will be available to current LUCI users soon, and we’ll have even more announcements about LUCI™ seating products later this year. If you use one of the eligible cushions listed above and would be interested in LUCI+Air, let us know. Or, if you’d like to receive further news and announcements from LUCI, sign up for our mailing list.

About LUCI

Based in Nashville, with R&D headquarters in Denver, LUCI was founded by Barry and Jered Dean, brothers who were driven to innovate from personal experience, and committed to creating change for people living with disabilities. LUCI’s industry accolades include TIME’s Best Inventions, Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New,” CES Innovation and Tech for Change Awards, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas and Mobility Management’s very first “Smart Technology” Product Award. Learn more at

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