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Thank you for your interest in LUCI.

LUCI is currently compatible with the following brands and models of wheelchairs. If you see your wheelchair on this list your name has been added to our waitlist and someone will reach out to you soon with more information.

If you don’t see your name on this list, we have let our engineering team know where you want them to focus their efforts next. You can also reach out to your wheelchair manufacturer to let them know you want more of their models to work with LUCI!

  • Permobil M3
  • Permobil M5
  • Permobil F3
  • Permobil F5
  • Quickie Q700 M
  • Quickie Q500 M
  • Quickie Q300 M mini
  • ROVI X3
  • AmySystems R3 (coming soon!)